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Shoulder Joint Diseases

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– Misalignment shoulder joints forward

– Decrease distance between humerus and acromion

  • Tension and shortening of the “shoulder upward pullers”.
  • “Muscle down puller” weakened


  • Falls on the arm
  • Frequent overhead work
  • too much strength training deltoid, trapezius, external rotators and pectoral muscle.
  • Wrong sleeping position
  • Spasmodic shoulder lift

Therapy shoulder joint diseases

The therapy for shoulder joint diseases includes both orthopedic as well as non-orthopedic aspects.

An unhealthy diet, other diseases, bad lifestyle habits, hormone deficiencies, lack of oxygen, medications, etc. can always cause muscles to shorten, overload extremely quickly, create fascia adhesions, and consequently put too much stress on joints.

Health Optimization & Exercises 1-4

The non-orthopedic aspect therefore refers to, holistic health promotion to practice. For this purpose, I strongly recommend the following preventive programs to those affected “Healthy diet and “Healthy lifestyle” especially ergonomics during sleep.

Furthermore, frequent overhead work, one-sided strength training and cramping shoulder elevation should be avoided. The orthopedic aspect includes, the now following exercises regularly and to the best of your ability.

1. exercise

Treatment trapezius

descending branch

2. exercise

Treatment deltoid muscle

front & middle part

3. exercise

Treatment pectoral muscle

& external rotators

4. exercise

Pull out shoulder

With dumbbell