Alternatively treat yourself

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Alternatively treat snap fingers yourself


  • Reduced ability to spread the hand
  • Flexor tendons shortened
  • Ring bands shortened
  • Adhesion of the tendon in the tendon slide bearing


  • One-sided load/ overload
  • Frequent, strong pulling
  • Single pull in the maximum force range

Snap finger therapy/ Rapid finger

The therapy for a snapping finger includes both orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic aspects.

An unhealthy diet, other diseases, bad lifestyle habits, hormone deficiencies, lack of oxygen, medications, etc. can always cause muscles to shorten, overload extremely quickly, create fascia adhesions, and consequently put too much stress on joints.

Snapping finger/ Rapid finger – Health optimization & exercises 1-4

The non-orthopedic aspect therefore refers to, holistic health promotion to practice. For this purpose, I strongly recommend the following preventive programs to those affected “Healthy diet and “Healthy lifestyle. Here, the patient himself is responsible for finding out where there are errors in his own lifestyle and where there is a need for optimization. The orthopaedic aspect of a snapping finger involves performing the following exercises regularly and to the best of your ability.

1st exercise

Hands spread

2nd exercise

Massage the metacarpus

3rd exercise

Treatment of the tendon

4th exercise

Stretch flexor tendons