Stimucal – hormone system build-up for men


Doping with testosterone preparations, electrosmog or hormone-like environmental toxins. There are many reasons for hormone deficiency in men and there is a solution.

Stimucal product description

You don’t like to hear it, but menopause is also an issue for members of the so-called stronger sex.

Tiredness, lack of concentration, dwindling muscle mass, listlessness and a decline in male performance through to impotence are symptoms that bring the diagnosis “male menopause” within reach.

There are many causes of hormone deficiency in men. Poor nutrition, electrosmog from the cell phone in your pocket, long-term doping with testosterone preparations or hormone-like environmental toxins are increasingly causing even young men to be affected.

As soon as the first signs appear, you should therefore reach for the vital substance preparation STIMUCAL, which can compensate for the corresponding deficits and gently stimulate sexual energy again.

This unique power product for men contains a variety of activating and revitalizing ingredients. Above all, valuable substances from the South American plants Maca and Schisandra as well as the Chinese Damiana shrub.

All three vital plants have been known for centuries as natural aphrodisiacs. These hormone-active substances are supported by invigorating and stimulating extracts of epimedium, tribulus terrestris, ginseng, ginkgo and ginger. The anti-ageing active ingredients resveratrol and coenzyme Q10 are an additional benefit of this unique formula.

Stimucal areas of application – My recommendation

Channoine has many excellent products that you could take every day to increase your performance and improve your health. However, the philosophy behind alternative self-treatment is always to first optimize the diet and lifestyle with patients and athletes and to identify the actual causes for the development of clinical pictures.

In addition, vital substance preparations are used to treat specific illnesses and achieve further performance gains in athletes. The following areas of application are therefore merely a list of when I use Stimucal. Vital substances are no substitute for holistic therapy

  • Hormone system build-up for men
  • After doping with testosterone preparations
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Testosterone deficiency
  • Decreased libido
  • Inability to conceive/ desire to have children
  • Natural performance enhancement in sport
  • Elevated PSA value
  • Prostate and testicular cancer
  • Faster muscle growth
  • Increase in stamina
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Depression
  • Emotional destability