Quinta Shopping – Order fresh fruit online

Unripe, contaminated fruit from the supermarket, no thanks! If you don’t want to do without sun-ripened organic fruit in winter, there is only one solution… Order fresh fruit online at Quinta Shopping.

The fruit from Quinta Shopping is picked ripe, not chemically treated and is delivered directly to your home.

Quinta cultivation – fruit cultivation with heart

The mineral-rich clay soils and our unique geographical location, in an area without any heavy industry, guarantee you one of the best qualities in Europe. Low acidity due to the high degree of ripeness and therefore above-average flavor make our fruit so popular.
The fruit is not preserved, the skin is untreated. Depending on the variety, our citrus fruits ripen on the tree for up to one and a half years.
Our Quinta cultivation: natural, but not to present you with any kind of “seal”. We are concerned with “health”, first and foremost yours and ours, but also that of the piece of “earth” that has been entrusted to us.

We still do a lot of manual work to maintain the quinta, we fertilize with expensive organic fertilizers, we reduce pest infestation with biologically sensible products and reduce insect pests with wine vinegar traps.
To provide a home for birds and other beneficial insects, we have planted several thousand trees that are native to this region but have no fruit. Some bee colonies enjoy this diversity and support us in this work.
We are therefore explicitly committed to the active preservation of this habitat.

Quinta – Sustainable irrigation system

Our quinta is located on the Arade, a river that is now dammed and transports rainwater into the Arade reservoir.
We are supplied directly with this collected rainwater.
The Moors, who ruled the Algarve until 1242, constructed irrigation systems in order to use the fertile soil of the Arade Valley for growing oranges. We do not have any deep wells, so the groundwater table is maintained.

Since arriving here on our quinta, we have left about 5 hectares (50 thousand square meters) of land for nature and wildlife with no profitable yield.

Respect for our Mother Earth should be seen as an obligation taken on with love and gratitude.

How nice when we all get something out of it.

Quinta Shopping test – My experience

My experience results from about 10-12 orders I made when I was still living in Germany. Quinta Shopping absolutely passed the test, because my experience was consistently positive.

The fruit is always seasonal. This means that not all fruits are available at all times and that all fruits are fresh. Everything that is currently listed on the website is also available. I think that’s very positive, because as a consumer you sometimes don’t know which fruit is in season in Spain, Portugal or wherever.

The fruit is organically grown and sustainably produced. As a rule, the fruit arrives in perfect ripeness. I had no moldy fruit with any of my orders. Once I only had overripe persimmons and it can rarely happen that a few fruits are damaged from transportation.

Quinta Shopping does not offer free delivery. To keep the shipping costs low in relation to the quantity of fruit, a bulk order can be worthwhile. The shipping costs are always the same for orders of up to 32 kilograms.

Very small orders are not recommended due to the high shipping costs. In my opinion, however, the prices for the products themselves are absolutely reasonable. Organic farming is always more costly and involves more risk. In the opinion of a health trainer, fruit from discount supermarkets is no longer an alternative due to the increasing contamination with toxins.

When I redesigned the Quinta Shopping website, I noticed that there is now a voluntary “CO2 offset”. So anyone who does not approve of Quinta Shopping’s company concept because of its “ecological footprint” can now also make a donation, which the Dornhoff family will personally invest in nature and species conservation.

From my side, I can give Quinta Shopping a very clear recommendation. The entire company concept is very inspiring and encourages imitation.