KoMoMio grain mill


The dream of making your own bread comes true. With the Komomio grain mill, you can turn grain into freshly ground flour and obtain the maximum nutritional content.
In a few words, the KoMoMio is powerful, excellently made, ecological and very easy to use, even without operating instructions.

Komomio grain mill Product description

The KoMoMio makes grain mills really colorful! Available in 6 colors, our new high-performance grain mill not only adds color to your kitchen, but above all ensures freshly ground grain every day. And that means significantly more nutrients and a better taste! With its powerful 360 watts, the KoMoMio will be the perfect companion for beginners AND baking professionals. Not only the trendy colors are innovative, but also the combination of solid wood (funnel), multiplex and Arboblend®, an ecological recycling material. Our new KoMoMio is therefore a cool combination of the tried and tested and plenty of innovation.

With this mill, you can experiment with new types of flour for delicious recipes as the mood takes you – wholemeal herbal roots today and falafel made from chickpea flour tomorrow – there are no limits to your imagination. Simply turn the funnel to set the desired fineness. You can open the grinder in no time and without any tools. As with all KoMo mills. Simply brilliant!

A little tip: With the 360 watt interchangeable grinder (available here), you can convert your KoMoMio into a spice grinder or coffee grinder in a flash or prepare purely gluten-free varieties.

Komomio grain mill in detail

360 watts, grinds 100 g of fine flour per minute, with a coarser setting even several times as much
Hopper filling quantity: approx. 1200 g (wheat)
Grinder: corundum/ceramic, infinitely adjustable
Grinding fineness < 0.3 mm, measured with:
Maintenance-free and extremely powerful industrial motor, high quality confirmed by TÜV SÜD Munich
– Body: beech multiplex; corner edges, base and top of the housing made of Arboblend® (biodegradable material made primarily from the wood components lignin and cellulose).
– Funnel: solid beech, treated with natural vegetable oils
– Lid, flour spout: Arboblend
– Grinding chamber: food-safe plastic (BPA-free)
Volume at “Fine”: approx. 70 db
Cable length: 1.5 m
Weight: : 8 kilo
Height / width / depth: 37.5 cm/ 16 cm/ 16.5 cm
Base height 13 cm
Perfect for a household of 3-5 people
12-year guarantee for private use!

KoMoMio grain mill test – My experience

I have now owned a KoMoMio for 7 years. I can say one thing in advance. I am not surprised that the manufacturer, KoMo GmbH & Co. KG from Munich, gives an astonishing 12-year manufacturer’s warranty on the device. Because I have no doubt that my long-distance runner will survive for well over twelve years despite frequent use.

What leads me to this conviction and why is my experience so positive? The wooden funnel and the entire wooden body are so robust that it can be said to be indestructible. Even when the wooden funnel fell down while cleaning the KoMoMio, it was not damaged.

As far as the engine is concerned, I can’t say for sure. The 70 db volume could not quite be achieved in the test. Unfortunately, I can’t say whether the manufacturer also specified the appliance as 70 db fine seven years ago or whether the industrial motor has been continuously further developed.

However, it is convincing that the grain mill has retained its full performance despite regular use and is in no way louder or more turbulent than at the beginning.

After extensive research, I opted for this product partly because of the TÜV SÜD Munich seal of approval for the quality of the industrial motor and the long manufacturer’s warranty.

In any case, I can give the KoMoMio grain mill a very clear recommendation to buy.