Hamoni electrosmog harmonizer


Environmental medicine is often still regarded as pure esotericism. The consequences of environmental influences on our performance, our health and our intelligence are becoming increasingly obvious. The issue of electrosmog is particularly important.
But can the Hamoni provide a remedy? In this article, the Hamoni is tested with 8 years of practical experience.

Why do we need a Hamoni?

The Hamoni is a highly effective protection against electrosmog and earth radiation.

It works purely physically and therefore differs significantly from the vast majority of devices against electrosmog on the market, which work “subtly”, i.e. cannot be explained physically.

This is the reason why it is so popular, especially among electrosensitive people, who have finally found a solution to their problems with the device.

Hamoni electrosmog harmonizer in detail

  • Highly effective protection against electrosmog: for both high frequency (cell phones, WLAN, etc.) and low frequency (power lines, household appliances, traction current, etc.)
    All devices built since August 2019 are effective with 5G.
  • Highly effective protection against earth radiation: water veins, rock fractures and faults, various grid loads. Note: “Earth radiation” is the colloquial term for geomagnetic disturbances. The term “geopathic stress” is also used for this.
  • 2-component technology: electronic and solid-state physical component. Purely physically effective, explainable by the theory of electromagnetism, as it has been known in principle for 120 years now. No esoteric explanations necessary.
  • Research team: Scientists, engineers and experts with more than 10 years of practical experience in the field of electrosmog and geopathic stress.
  • Experience reports prove it: Help with various, sometimes serious and chronic illnesses.
  • Heart rate test provides proof: long-term stress is greatly reduced in all test subjects.
  • Tests by alternative practitioners and building biologists have shown a highly positive effect.
  • In meanwhile already 5 books of different. authors expressly recommended as a solution to the problem.
  • Only one device required: Protects even large houses up to 500 m2.
  • Power supply: No batteries or power connection required. Device powers itself through electromagnetic “energy harvesting”. It is therefore immediately effective as soon as the last soldering point has been set in production.
  • Maintenance and service life: Maintenance-free and very durable. The original version of the device has still been in use by customers since the early 1980s. In principle, can only be destroyed by water ingress or severe mechanical damage.
  • Dimensions and weight: Very compact design: 11 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm. Imagine 5 cell phones stacked on top of each other to get an idea of the size. Weight: only approx. 100g.

Testing the Hamoni electrosmog harmonizer – My experience

I have owned a Hamoni for 8 years now. I was already familiar with the subject of electrosmog from a book a few years earlier under the technical term EMF. My sleep was very poor and since I had already changed many things in relation to electrosmog at that time, my overall situation improved significantly before I heard about an “electrosmog harmonizer” for the first time.

Nevertheless, I invested the money in the Hamoni. However, it is difficult to say in retrospect how much effect it had on me personally. However, I have had many positive experiences with patients in personal care. I have heard several times that patients suddenly start dreaming again and also that they feel more relaxed in the morning.

Nevertheless, I have to say that you shouldn’t rely on Hamoni alone. My strategy as a therapist is to have the patient consciously analyze their sources of electrosmog and optimize their entire sleep behavior. On the subject of Electrosmog and healthy sleep you will find useful articles on alternative self-treatment.

The Hamoni is therefore only part of an overall concept. And success in practice confirms it. I now have dozens of responses from patients who have been able to treat the worst sleep disorders and have a better quality of life again.

Should you invest in a Hamoni? My answer is yes, because a functioning electrosmog harmonizer still has one big plus point. It is a one-off investment in your own performance and health, because the Hamoni lasts a lifetime.