Grain flaker FlicFloc


Finally healthy fruit muesli with the FlicFloc. This is because store-bought muesli and cereal flakes do not have the same nutrient content as fresh flakes.
In a few words, the FlicFloc is independent of electricity, excellently manufactured, ecological and easy to use even without operating instructions.

Grain flaker FlicFloc Product description

Do you love oatmeal? Us too! And because freshly crushed oatmeal has significantly more nutrients and tastes better, we simply prepare it ourselves in no time at all. For example, for our muesli or porridge. With a flake crusher like the FlicFloc, this is extremely quick and easy: you put the whole grain into the funnel, turn the crank a few times and enjoy your freshly crushed oat flakes, which fall into the bottom of the glass. It couldn’t be easier!

Incidentally, the FlicFloc flake crusher can be used to crush not only oats, but of course just about any other grain. Whether wheat, rye, spelt, green spelt, etc. But that’s not all, seeds and kernels can also be wonderfully processed into flakes (e.g. linseed, hemp seed, sesame, poppy seed and many others)

The FlicFloc can even process pseudo-grains such as quinoa and amaranth. This means you can simply prepare your muesli fresh in the morning!

Quite crazy: that’s right, the wheel no longer needs to be reinvented. But is that reason enough to remain loyal to cylindrical rollers forever, or would you rather save yourself the effort and make cranking child’s play? The choice was not a difficult one: Two conical ones are now turning, Nickel-free stainless steel rollers in high-quality ball bearings. Almost as if by itself. Simply attach the FLICFLOC to the table with a clamp and you’re ready to go. Supplied with screw clamp and matching glass.

Please note that the flake density of the FlicfFloc is already set to an optimum for medium-thick flakes and cannot be changed. It is also not possible to operate the FlicFloc optimally without fastening it to the edge of a table with the screw clamp.

Grain flaker FlicFloc in the test – My experience

I have owned a FlicFloc for 7 years now. First of all, the good news is that the flaker still works perfectly. Unfortunately, the flaker is not able to crush hard grains such as maize. You don’t need to try this yourself, because I can well imagine that you will destroy the FlicFloc in some way if you try to force it.

So my attempt to make cornflakes myself failed. However, this is clearly stated by the manufacturer and I have not been able to find an alternative. However, the FlicFloc works excellently with soft grains such as spelt and emmer.

Many people are probably faced with the question of whether they should buy an electric flaker or a manual flaker. As I initially only used the electric version of the grain mill, I decided to buy the manual version of the flaker.

This makes it perfect for emergency preparedness in combination with the storage of organic grain in food grade drums. The article “Cereals healthy or unhealthy” provides detailed information about the benefits of cereals in the diet and their ingredients.

It takes me 5-10 minutes every morning to make a sufficient portion of muesli for my wife and me and it definitely takes a bit of strength to crank. In terms of workmanship, robustness, flake size and value for money, there is a clear recommendation to buy. You buy the FlicFloc once for a lifetime, because it is indestructible.