High-quality skin and body care has long since arrived in the consciousness of modern men. Our special care range PARISHEE Man transfers all the benefits of the CHANNOINE women’s lines to the special needs of men’s skin.

Highly active anti-aging ingredients, refreshing moisture and energizing phyto-extracts are just the thing for a perfectly groomed man.

PARISHEE Man Series Product Description

The list of ingredients in the PARISHEE Man skincare line reads like something from a luxury boutique: Triple Hyaluron Complex – Taurine – Sorbitol – Betaine – Vitamin E – Panthenol – Allantoin – Bisabolol – Aloe Vera Complex – Almond Protein – Guarana Extract – Almond Oil – Jojoba Oil – Shea Butter – Ion Moist Complex & Co. have been formulated into a high-class skincare product – not for everyone, only for men.

PARISHEE Man makes shaving, showering, grooming and refreshing an all-round wellness experience “from a single source”.

In just a few daily steps, PARISHEE Man products do everything you need to keep your skin looking well cared for, fresh and firm for a long time.

Why PARISHEE Man series?

Biotechnologically processed antioxidants, valuable lipids and hydro-factors protect and care for the skin – for an immediately and sustainably regenerated complexion.

Don’t be afraid of creams: PARISHEE products are absorbed immediately thanks to the feather-light soft texture and leave nothing but masculine care freshness behind.

Every single active ingredient in the PARISHEE line has undergone extensive testing by our rigorous skincare experts during development. In combination: unsurpassed!

PARISHEE Man – My recommendation and experience – Which Channoine product line do I need?

All Channoine skincare ranges are of outstanding quality that is second to none. You will be amazed at the concentration of active ingredients you get for your money in an excellent combination.

Nevertheless, in my experience there are a few things to bear in mind when using it. Our skin is a reflection of our overall condition. Poor skin condition therefore often also means that there are already disease conditions or significant lifestyle problems.

I therefore also highly recommend the articles healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle to look at. Channoine care products alone cannot work miracles in cases of severe hormone deficiency or intestinal dysfunction.

Our skin, like our bones, teeth, kidneys and lymph nodes, is a buffer system for toxins and acids. When we use high-quality skin care products for the first time in our lives, our skin tries to detoxify and cleanse itself on the outside.

The higher the quality of the active ingredient complex, the faster the cleaning process. As a result, very blemished skin may experience an initial worsening in some cases. I therefore only recommend the MyCHANNOINE series and very young men to at least start with this series first and then switch to PARISHEE Man.

In the case of hormonal dsyfunctions, Channoine care products should always be used together with Animyl for the female sex and Stimucal for the male sex.

My recommendation is still the free online skin analysis from Channoine to find out exactly which product range is best for you. Then nothing stands in the way of your beauty.