Alvito water filter inserts


Does a good water filter system actually have to cost thousands of euros? No, it doesn’t have to. These are usually the result of so-called multi-level marketing systems. Commissions and company profits are usually utopian, at the expense of the price-performance ratio for the customer. Alvito goes other ways and alternatively self-treatment goes the way with Alvito.

Alvito water filter inserts Product description

The water that comes out of the tap is drinking water. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that it contains pollutants or drug residues, as the water has to travel a long way on its way to your kitchen or bathroom. Many people know this and are reluctant to drink tap water.

Instead, they choose to buy mineral water from the supermarket. In the long term, however, this is associated with high costs. It can also be very tedious to carry large quantities of water with a heavy weight. A water filter can help here. You can use it to produce clean and pollutant-free water from your tap water for many years.

An Alvito water filter has numerous advantages. He is:

  • durable
  • robust
  • inexpensive
  • easy to install and
  • easy to operate.

It also works very reliably. It can filter out pesticides, microplastics, drug residues and other harmful components of drinking water. Now you can enjoy it without hesitation and no longer have to worry about ingesting harmful substances into your body and organism.

Alvito water filters with different systems

Clean drinking water corresponds to the natural way of life of humans. When you choose the Alvito water filter, you are making an important contribution to protecting the environment. We offer different systems for every requirement.

Beginners can find the right model from us, as can professionals who have already gained a wide range of experience in this field. Depending on the version, you can fit the Alvito water filter to the sink, install an additional tap or use an existing tap.

The filter inserts for the Alvito water filter are manufactured in Germany.

Activated carbon, which is ideal for filtering tap water, is used as a filter medium. To do this, it has to be specially activated and then manufactured into a solid block in a complex sintering process.

Activated carbon block filters have a large number of very fine pores and channels through which the water can flow during filtration. The harmful components of the water are filtered out by the Alvito water filter, while its positive characteristics are enhanced.

Remain in the water after filtering:

  • Dissolved minerals
  • natural minerals and
  • the natural mineral balance