Alvito Basic water filter


Does a good water filter system actually have to cost thousands of euros? No, it doesn’t have to. These are usually the result of so-called multi-level marketing systems. Commissions and company profits are usually utopian, at the expense of the price-performance ratio for the customer. Alvito goes other ways and alternatively self-treatment goes the way with Alvito.

The most popular water filter on the German market. Inexpensive, quick to install, handy, flexible, good and of course 100% Alvito® quality!

  • With life flower button and energetic activation (exclusively via Cellavita)
  • Installation: Simply screw the special diverter valve onto the tap, insert the supplied filter and you’re done.
  • Height: 30cm Diameter: 12cm Hose length: approx. 80cm
  • Thread with adapter: M24 external coarse thread (fits on standard taps)
  • Thread without adapter: M22 internal fine pitch thread
  • Not suitable in conjunction with a boiler
  • Not suitable for kitchen taps with shower head

You get wonderfully soft, crystal-clear and healthy drinking water! With a soft accent on the palate, which you will enjoy drinking while protecting your environment.

The running costs for the filter change, which should be replaced every 6 months, amount to approx. 25 cents per day.

Choose the right insert for you from the 4 most popular filter inserts (must be added to the shopping cart separately).

Cellavita water filter additional information

The filter insert determines the quality of the filtered water. That’s why we only choose filter inserts for the filter systems we recommend that are manufactured in Germany and have a particularly reliable filter effect. All filter inserts offered by Alvito use activated carbon as a filter medium, the filtering performance of which is scientifically proven and ideally suited for filtering tap water.

The high-quality activated carbon is specially activated and manufactured into a solid block in a complex sintering process. The filter inserts are therefore referred to as activated carbon block filters. These block filters have an extraordinarily large number of extremely fine pores and channels through which the water flows during filtration. It travels a very long way and comes into intensive contact with the inner surface of the activated carbon, which is up to 100 soccer fields in size.

An effect comparable to natural depth filtration is achieved in the smallest of spaces. One advantage of these activated carbon block filters is that dissolved minerals remain in the water and the natural mineral balance is maintained. In addition, the quality of the filter inserts means that there is no need to add silver for disinfection. Innovative technologies enable the production of filter inserts with outstanding filter performance and fast water flow.