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Alternative self-treatment of Dupuytren’s disease


– serious errors in the diet and lifestyle

– Environmental factors

– usually in combination with one-sided stress, such as permanent gripping

Emergence factors

  • Hormone deficiency
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Massive hyperacidity states
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism

Therapy Dupuytren’s disease

Therapy for Dupuytren’s disease includes both orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic aspects.

An unhealthy diet, other diseases, bad lifestyle habits, hormone deficiencies, lack of oxygen, medications, etc. can always cause muscles to shorten, overload extremely quickly, create fascia adhesions, and consequently put too much stress on joints.

Unlike all other hand orthopedic conditions, it should be emphasized that in Dupuytren’s disease the focus is on treating the non-orthopedic factors. Exercises alone show almost no long-term effect.

Dupuytren’s disease – Exercises 1-4

The orthopedic aspect includes, the now following exercises regularly and to the best of your ability. The exercises alone can bring about improvement in the short term.

However, long-term effects only occur if the subsequent therapeutic approaches are also implemented.

1st exercise

Hands spread

2nd exercise

“Massage “webbed skin

3rd exercise

“Stretch “webbed skin

4th exercise

Pull out thumb

Dupuytren’s disease –

Therapy of non-orthopedic aspects

a) Build hormonal system

The simplest measure to get the hormonal system back on track is supplementation of phytohormones.

Phytohormones belong to the group of secondary plant compounds. The body needs them to produce sex hormones itself.

The best price-performance ratiohere offers Channoine with the products Stimucal for men and Animyl for women.

The product should be taken for one to two months. After that, the body usually produces enough hormones on its own again.

b) Heavy metal elimination

The best way to eliminate heavy metals is to supplement with zeolite and bentonite. These two volcanic minerals can effectively bind and eliminate heavy metals.

I strongly recommend to use ultrafine Zeobent and to drink enough to ensure the best possible elimination and to exclude 100% that the said volcanic minerals are deposited in the kidneys.

c) Deacidification

The basis for deacidifying the body is first of all a healthy diet. healthy diet. First and foremost, this includes switching from industrial to natural foods.

In principle, with alternative self-treatment, paid products are recommended as rarely as possible. Nevertheless, in Dupuytren’s disease there are usually such severe hyperacidity states that, in parallel with a healthy diet and lifestyle products for deacidification should be taken. I recommend at least one month of treatment with the product Dioluxsan Duo from Channoine and a second month with the product Amdoron.

d) Reduce alcohol and smoking

Dupuytren’s disease is particularly common in people with high cigarette and/or alcohol consumption.

These should reduce consumption or, in the best case, stop it altogether.

A start can be to avoid passive smoking by no longer smoking in closed rooms, where you are exposed to the unfiltered smoke for a long time afterwards.