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Alternative self-treatment of wrist osteoarthritis


  • Compression/pressure on the wrist cartilage
  • Muscle shortening of overlying or underlying muscles
  • often also due to accidents


  • Falls with hyperextension of the wrist
  • Frequent, vigorous gripping
  • Frequent work with a computer mouse
  • Treatment error after wrist fracture

Wrist arthrosis therapy/ Pain in the wrist

Treatment for wrist arthrosis includes both orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic aspects.

An unhealthy diet, other illnesses, bad lifestyle habits, hormone deficiency, lack of oxygen, medication, etc. can always lead to muscles shortening, extremely rapid overloading, fascia adhesions and consequently too much stress on the joints.

Wrist osteoarthritis – Health optimization & exercises 1-4

The non-orthopaedic aspect therefore relates to holistic health promotion. I strongly recommend the prevention programs for those affected “Healthy nutrition” and “Healthy lifestyle”. It is the patient’s responsibility to find out where mistakes have been made in their own lifestyle and where there is a need for optimization. The orthopaedic aspect of wrist pain involves performing the following exercises regularly and to the best of your ability.

1st exercise

Wrist traction

2nd exercise

Fascia treatment. Forearm

3rd exercise

Stretching forearm musc.

4th exercise

Stretching finger tendons