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Gout - symptoms, cause and treatment

Gout – cause & therapy

Topic Overview

1. Gout – definition

2. Gout – symptoms

3. Gout – causes

4. Gout – therapy

1. Gout – definition

Gout involves deposits of uric acid crystals on regions remote from the body, such as the fingers, feet and toes.

These are also usually the coldest parts of the body, which causes uric acid to change its aggregate state.

2. Gout – symptoms

  • Severe pain of the hands or feet
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Glossy skin
  • Redness
  • If necessary with white nodules

3. Gout – causes

1. Decreased kidney function

Decreased kidney function is one of the main causes for the development of gout.

Uric acid is less easily broken down and excreted in the urine. This increases the concentration of uric acid in the blood.

Creatinine levels also increase.

2. Industrial salt

The effects of isolated sodium chloride on the human organism, is explained in detail in the article “Industrial salt – highly toxic”.

Especially in gout, it is a concern in many ways. It reduces the water content in the cell and instead increases the water content in the extracellular space.

It also reduces kidney function and becomes extremely critical if excessive amounts of nitrate and nitrite are consumed in the diet at the same time.

3. Metformin and torasemide

Drugs containing the active ingredient metformin, used to treat diabetes, lead to severe kidney dysfunction and thus also to gout when taken over the long term.

Water tablets with the active ingredient torasemide not only deprive the body of water, but also of minerals. Gout is thus a very common side effect of water tablets.

4. Fluid deficiency

Lack of fluids is one of the main drivers of gout.

It results in decreased breakdown of uric acid in the kidneys and decreased urinary excretion.

This results in a higher concentration in the blood.

5. Cold

Although cold has a pain-relieving effect, it also frequently triggers gout flare-ups.

Especially in the hands and feet, blood circulation is reduced. This promotes the crystallization of uric acid and nitrite.

6. Pickling salt

Industrial salt and nitrite are a very unfavorable combination. Especially in cold regions of the body, mostly the hands and feet, it crystallizes at higher consumption.

Curing salt is used to preserve meat products and give them a beautiful reddish color.

7. Unhealthy diet

Diet is a very central issue in the development of gout. Unhealthy diet generally leads to hyperacidity of the body and decreased kidney function.

The consumption of too much meat and sausage certainly has a particularly negative effect.

8. Coffee and alcohol

Alcohol and coffee have a dehydrating effect and overacidify the body. This is an extremely unfavorable combination.

Alcohol isolates in particular, which include the beautiful, clear industrial beer from advertising, often trigger acute gout flare-ups.

9. Lack of exercise

Of course, in general, poor lifestyle can be blamed for just about any disease.

However, in a gout patient, it can be said very specifically that it is mainly the lack of exercise.

A healthy level of movement promotes metabolism and especially blood circulation in the feet.

Poor blood circulation means that uric acid and nitrate salts can crystallize there more easily.

Especially in a gout flare-up, a vicious circle develops from which it is difficult to get out again.

Pain leads to lack of movement and lack of movement in turn leads to more crystallization and more pain.

10. Circulatory disorders

Gout also frequently occurs in patients who have previously suffered from circulatory disorders.

Due to reduced blood flow in the hands and feet, uric acid crystallizes more quickly.

4. Gout – therapy

1. Drink enough

Actually, it sounds too simple to be true, but one of the most important therapeutic measures for gout is simply to drink enough.

A gout patient should consume at least 2-2.5 l of fluid, a large part of which should be still water. In the best case, the water is also energized and filtered.

On the other hand, soft drinks, carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks should not be consumed.

2. Rock salt, instead of industrial salt

A very harmful combination is industrial salt and nitrate.

In sausages, it is already used as a preservative in the form of pickling salt.

But nitrate contamination in vegetables is also becoming increasingly alarming.

Basically, I recommend replacing industrial salt with Himalayan rock salt in every household.

When preparing vegetables, isolated sodium chloride should never be used. For gout patients, industrial salt is basically an absolute no-no.

3. Avoid metformin and torasemide

Standard values for sugar and blood pressure were lowered step by step in the past by the leading institutions of medicine. It should be noted that these are largely financed by pharmaceutical companies.

moment, millions of people could be labeled diabetic or declared hypertensive. For a pharmaceutical company, it is a very lucrative business to gain new customers in this way and also to earn money from the treatments of the side effect.

A blood pressure of 140/90 in older age is completely normal. Blood pressure should only be measured at absolute rest. Fasting sugar of <= 7.0 mmol/l is not diabetes and less than two hours after eating, in principle, no sugar should be measured.

Swelling conditions should be treated with manual lymphatic drainage or draining plants, such as goldenrod and nettle. If blood pressure and sugar levels are actually elevated, it goes without saying that no risk should be taken.

Nevertheless, with the help of the preventive programs, it should be possible to Healthy diet and Healthy lifestyle to be able to discontinue these drugs in the long term.

4. Kidney cleaning

To completely eradicate gout so that in the future the body will forgive even small mistakes in diet and lifestyle, kidney function should be restored.

For this purpose, I recommend nettle and goldenrod tea, in the best case from their own harvest. In the case of nettle, the leaves should be used, and goldenrod – the golden yellow flowers.

Kidney tea should not be drunk in the late evening, as it has a diuretic effect. One cup early and one cup in the afternoon is perfectly adequate. Furthermore, sufficient still water should also be drunk.

To achieve even faster results, these two teas can still be combined with several weeks of alkaline fasting.

5. Reduce coffee and alcohol

Alcohol should be avoided completely. The only exception is naturally cloudy unfiltered beer, which can be drunk 1-2 times a week.

I recommend reducing high coffee consumption slowly, otherwise cardiac arrhythmias occur very frequently.

The gout patient should end up drinking a maximum of two small cups of coffee a day. With coffee consumption of >=4-6 cups daily, I recommend gradually reducing one cup of coffee daily each week.

6. Healthy diet

On the subject of healthy nutrition, there is a detailed article at alternative self-treatment. Here are all the dietary rule explained in detail.

As already mentioned, it is essential to drink enough if you havegout. Sausage should be avoided completely and meat should be eaten only 1-2 times a week.

Likewise, if you have gout, I also recommend avoiding excessive consumption of industrial sugar.

7. Healthy movement

In the case of an acute gout flare-up, you should still walk short distances, but avoid too much exertion.

In the section Healthy lifestyle” you will find a lot of useful information on the subject of exercise.

8. Treat circulatory disorders

Circulatory disorders are eliminated by deacidification, primarily through a healthy diet, a healthy level of exercise and a cleansing of blood vessels.

Besides the trans fatty acids, it is also the spike proteins that need to be eliminated.

For this purpose, medicinal plants and natural remedies should be used. All types of leeks are recommended, especially wild garlic and garlic, onions, ginger, nettles and green tea.

I recommend two cups of tea a day with the combination of nettle, ginger and green tea at one third each.

Furthermore, omega 3 fatty acids are an absolute must. To do this, you can drink a teaspoonful of extra virgin olive oil and eat two spoonfuls of flaxseed every day. These should be chewed well.

An excellent combination of medicinal plants for the cardiovascular system also offers the product Regusan from Channoine.