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Thousands of hours of research have resulted in the best price-performance ratio for products for health promotion, life optimization, natural performance enhancement in sports and protection against environmental pollution.

Healthy cereal products with

Grain mills and flakers from Komo

Harmonizing and shielding from electrosmog through

Electrosmog harmonizer and electrosmog protection

Skin and health-promoting bacteria protect with the help of

Ecological washing, cleaning and polishing

Simply order healthy, ripe fruit to your home, even in winter

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Alternative self-treatment Shop – My philosophy

In the jungle of the food supplement and health product industry, the layman can hardly find his way around. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

Unfortunately, it has to be said honestly, alternative medicine and the healthcare industry have long been subject to the same capitalist pressures.

Just as in the hospital and pharmaceutical industry, the focus is no longer on rapid recovery, health and happiness.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for me to find the best companies in this oversupply. As I also wanted to find the best solutions for my own health in every area, I invested thousands of hours in research.

Companies with more attractive commission models, at the expense of the price-performance ratio and the health of visitors to alternative self-treatment, are 100% avoided by me.