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Flu and colds - cause & treatment

Cold and flu

Topic Overview

  1. Cold and flu – symptoms
  2. Cold and flu – Causes
  3. Cold and flu therapy
  4. Cold and flu – Conclusion

1. cold and flu – Symptoms

  • Sore throat/ inflamed throat
  • nasal congestion and sinuses
  • Smell loss
  • Cough
  • Loss of taste
  • Headache and pain in the limbs
  • general malaise
  • Exhaustion states
  • Freezing/ shivering

2. cold and flu – Causes

  • weakened immune system
  • Psychological stress
  • unhealthy diet
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Cold, especially cold feet
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Environmental toxins
  • Sunlight deficiency
  • intestinal flora not intact

3. cold and flu – therapy

1. Use natural antibiotics

The perfect natural antibiotics are coconut oil and colloidal silver.
Coconut oil and colloidal silver are effective against countless bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Consume one teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning and one in the evening! The consistency of coconut oil causes problems for some people. Therefore, it can also be dissolved in warm coffee or tea.

I also recommend colloidal silver for very severe infections.

Take 10-15 drops of colloidal silver with a silver content of 15 ppm in the morning and evening.

Other excellent natural antibiotics are garlic, onions, honey and sage.

On the other hand, one should generally avoid any kind of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

In the treatment of viral diseases, these antibiotics can significantly worsen the course of the disease and lead to a massive increase in mortality.

2. Coconut oil pulling cure

For the treatment of infections, there is probably no better therapy than the oil pulling cure.

I recommend here in the best case also to use coconut oil to achieve maximum effect. However, it is also possible to use olive oil or rapeseed oil, for example.

Take a teaspoonful and pull the oil intensively through your teeth for about 12-15 minutes! The oil should in no way be swallowed afterwards, as it is highly infectious.

Spit it out and then rinse the mouth 3-5 times with warm water.

3. Sufficient oxygen supply

Pathogens do not like oxygen. When you’re sick, it’s pretty common to make the mistake of staying inside all day.

Because you don’t want to freeze in any case, you don’t ventilate or ventilate insufficiently and due to these two factors there is a lack of oxygen.

These are optimal conditions for a long-lasting cold or flu.

Therefore, it should be shock ventilated three times a day for three minutes, depending on the size of the room. I also recommend four hours of exercise in the fresh air every day. In both measures, you should dress thick enough and in any case not freeze.

4. Blowing nose correctly

One or the other may certainly smile about it, but actually blowing the nose properly is very important.

The human organism tries to remove metabolic waste products and toxins from the lower respiratory tract to the upper respiratory tract, from where they are finally completely excreted to the outside.

Think of it like a clogged pipe. Your body, to be more specific your bronchial tubes, are trying to clear the mucus into the upper airways. If you do not remove the congestion in the nasal cavities or even “pull back” the mucus, these attempts will be in vain.

Therefore, the following two points should be noted.

  • While blowing your nose, keep one nostril closed and try to get the mucus out with all your might! Lightly wiping the nose with a handkerchief is not useful.
  • Repeat the process as long as you feel that there is still loose mucus in your nose that can be loosened with a little effort! This may well be 3 handkerchiefs at once.
5. Cough up loosened mucus

This treatment approach is similar to the previous one.

  • Be sure to spit out dissolved mucus and do not swallow it back!
    It is true that these are often bacteria and viruses that have already been killed. Nevertheless, it puts unnecessary strain on your body and furthermore, toxins emanate from killed bacteria and viruses.
  • Cough as long as you feel that this will still allow you to effectively excrete mucus. Just coughing once briefly to get rid of the scratchy throat is not enough.
6. Use natural anti-inflammatories

The best natural anti-inflammatories for an inflamed throat are sage, honey, high-quality herbal candies and ginger.

Be sure to look for high quality! Ginger can be boiled not only as a tea, but also consumed raw in the peeled state in the case of particularly severe inflammation. The taste is very intense and spicy. The oral mucosa reacts with strong salivation. Slowly swallow this saliva mixed with ginger and also the chewed ginger itself.

7. Avoid cold

Cold weakens our body and pathogens can multiply much faster.

In particular, avoid cold feet and, if necessary, put on several pairs of socks until you feel that your feet are warm.

8. Understand fever and treat it correctly

The symptom “fever” is unfortunately mostly misunderstood and treated. Fever is a healing reaction of the human organism and is rather to be regarded as positive.

Creating this state is an energy output for the body and serves to fight pathogens. A slightly increased body temperature, but at the latest a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, is already lethal for countless types of bacteria and viruses. Cancer cells are also extremely vulnerable to such temperatures.

Because the meaning of fever is not properly understood, early use of antipyretic drugs occurs. Furthermore, most people begin to feel chilled at even a slightly elevated temperature.

What follows is a fierce battle between you and your body. This wants to raise the temperature again and again to kill bacteria and viruses. The patient, on the other hand, wants to fight this “evil fever”.

This leads to massive energy losses, since the human organism, each time anew, needs a lot of energy to restore the increased temperature.

Therefore, the following should be noted:

  • Fever in ranges up to 38.5 degrees should not be counteracted! Let your body do its work and support it with all the other options mentioned.
  • For a healthy athletic person who has no cardiovascular problems, I even recommend deliberately raising the fever, for example with a hot tub bath.
    They help their bodies build up a temperature that all pathogens are very susceptible to.
    However, the following should be noted:
    – Ensure sufficient water balance before and during the measure!
    – Afterwards, consume sufficient minerals and electrolytes!
    – Afterwards, cool your body down intensively by means of cold showers or cold calf wraps!

This measure will weaken the human organism a little for the time being, but as a rule it will not initiate a new fever afterwards. However, caution is generally advised for patients with high blood pressure or heart disease.

9. General health promotion

There are many other smaller factors that can have an impact on cold and flu.

A lack of happiness in life, negative stress, lack of exercise poor air quality or insufficient sleep can have a negative impact on our health and especially on infections.

To many ranges there is with alternatively self treat prevention programs for a better lifestyle and better health.

10. Inhalation therapy

The last effective option is inhalation therapies. This should be done for particularly stuck mucus in the throat and nose.

Put a natural inhalant in a bowl and add boiling water. Lean your face over the bowl and place a towel over your head so the water doesn’t cool too quickly and the effect fizzles out.

Inhalers are not necessary, but may also be used as an option.

I recommend using natural inhalants. They are cheaper and more effective than partly synthetic inhalants. Eucalyptus oil is particularly effective.

If you happen to have a brine plant nearby or live not far from the sea, then you should definitely take advantage of it! A graduation tower as it is often called, and the sea air can work wonders.

4. conclusion

A cold or flu is caused by bacteria and viruses. However, the causes are poor general condition of the human organism and errors in diet and lifestyle.

Incorrect therapeutic approaches, such as fever-reducing drugs or antibiotics for viral infections, often lead to serious courses of disease.

First and foremost should be through a healthy diet and lifestyle create an environment in the body in which pathogens do not feel comfortable.

Furthermore I recommend to use alternative methods of treatment, for example natural antibiotics, inhalation therapy, coconut oil pulling cure and natural anti-inflammatories.