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Electrosmog - definition, consequences of electrosmog, harmonizing electrosmog

Reduce electrosmog

Topic overview

  1. What is electrosmog? – Definition/ Explanation
  2. Harmful electrosmog – polarization and high frequency
  3. Electrosmog – consequences for health
  4. Where can you find electrosmog? – Examples of electrosmog
  5. Correct handling of electrosmog

1. What is electrosmog? – Definition/ Explanation

Electrosmog is an issue that our ancestors did not have to worry about. With industrialization, smartphones, increasing automation technology and the urge for ever faster internet, electrosmog has greatly increased in its importance for us as humans.

I have long resisted using the term “electrosmog” on my website. Smog” is the pollution of the air with exhaust fumes or harmful substances. Since no particles in the air can be measured as pollutants in the case of electrosmog, this term is ultimately misleading and meaningless.

Due to the fact that electrosmog has long been an integral part of our everyday language and that most people only know this problem by this term, I decided after some time to use this word as well.

2. Harmful electrosmog – polarization and high frequency

Electrosmog is harmful for two reasons. One reason for this is the so-called polarization of electrosmog. In nature, there is only unpolarized or weakly polarized radiation.

The sun, for example, radiates sunlight on an infinite number of levels. Our body can handle this polarization very well. A smartphone or WLAN router emits highly polarized radiation. This usually radiates in 2 planes in a cross shape, arranged at a 45 degree angle.

This polarization leads to 3 things:

  1. Charged atoms, which control important physiological processes in the body, are forced to vibrate in unison with the wave.
  2. They must do this exactly in the polarization plane of the radiation.
  3. The polarized fields can overlap at certain points in the body, which means that the forces acting on charged particles can be much stronger.

The second reason why electrosmog is harmful is radio frequency.

Our ancestors, the apes, communicated over a distance of several kilometers with sounds in extremely high frequency ranges when danger threatened.

Humans cannot consciously perceive these frequencies. Nevertheless, they pose a major threat to our health because they put the human organism in a state of heightened alertness, anxiety, panic and aggression.

3. Electrosmog – consequences for health

  • Disruption of bioenergetic resonances
  • Overriding the blood-brain barrier
  • Disturbance of stimulus transmission in the nervous system
  • Reduction of cell voltage/cell damage
  • Severe impairment of restful sleep
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Reduction in general performance

4. Where can you find electrosmog? – Examples of electrosmog

  • WLAN router
  • WLAN amplifier
  • Smartphones
  • Radio masts
  • Microwave
  • DECT telephones
  • Radio radios

5. Correct handling of electrosmog

1. Reduce distance to electrosmog

The distance to strong static electromagnetic fields is crucial.

For example, don’t look at the microwave for minutes on end, but if possible do something at the other end of the room while you heat up your food.

The smartphone should not be worn on the body all day.

Building a house near a radio mast is also not a good idea.

2. Create an electrosmog-free sleeping environment

Protecting yourself from electrosmog all day long is hardly possible in the 21st century. However, electrosmog poses the greatest threat to the human organism during sleep.


  • Switch off electronic devices in standby mode
  • Set the smartphone to flight mode and place it at least 2 meters away
  • Switch off the WLAN router at night
  • Keep landline telephones on the radio station at night, at least 2 meters away from the sleeping area
  • Alternatively, recommend treating direct neighbors yourself and inform them about this article so that they also turn off the WLAN router at night
  • Hamoni electrosmog harmonizer if your smartphone still displays foreign WLAN networks at night.
3. Replace old DECT telephones

The results of the first electrosmog measurements a few years ago were shocking. It turned out that DECT phones can, under certain circumstances, emit higher levels of radiation than smartphones and WLAN.

It was very noticeable in the measurement results that the differences between old cell phones with radio stations and newer models were very large.

Very old DECT technology devices should be replaced by newer devices with ECO mode.

These no longer have continuous radio communication with the base station in idle mode. These telephones are also radiation-reduced for incoming and outgoing calls.

Furthermore, modern DECT telephones can save up to 60 % electricity.

4. Reduce the influence of WLAN

If you don’t need WLAN all day, you should switch it off during Internet-free hours.

Furthermore, a distance of at least 2 meters from the WLAN router should be maintained, although a distance of 5 meters is recommended. Be sure to switch off your WLAN at night!

5. Shorten smartphone times

When it comes to electrosmog, it is also important to be aware of how you use your smartphone.

If you are not using your smartphone, it is advisable to put it away more often. This means you are not exposed to electrosmog and are not tempted to be distracted from eating or working by push notifications.

Some apps or the receipt of push notifications can also be deactivated in the mobile data.

In principle, you should differentiate between things where you are absolutely dependent on your smartphone and things where you don’t necessarily need it.

6. Harmonize electrosmog

There are countless ways to harmonize and reduce electrosmog.

The best price-performance ratio for your own four walls is offered by the Hamoni an Austrian company that specializes in electrosmog.

If you want to invest a little more money, you should also consider products from Ambition AG in Switzerland. In addition to the Harmonei for domestic use, the company offers a wider range of products for electrosmog harmonization.