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Disease patterns

Disease patterns

In the Disease Patterns section, you will find a variety of self-instructions for orthopedic and non-orthopedic diseases. Alternative self-treatment offers help for self-help, so that the affected person understands his clinical picture and can turn the right screws.

Disease patterns

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What is alternative

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Alternatively self-treat is a health platform founded in 2016 with the patient’s health in mind.

Instead of redistributing other content a hundred times over, new ways of treating diseases and promoting health are shown here.

Alternative self-treatment is not funded by industry stakeholders.

Holistic therapy, instead of medication & surgery
Drugs and surgery are often offered to the patient, in the interests of the industry, as the only option. The focus in the treatment is usually only on a very small part of the body. Interrelationships in the entire organism and environmental influences from outside, are intentionally or at least grossly negligently not taken into account.

In alternative self-treatment, the body is always seen as a whole, also taking into account all systems of the organism and the happiness of life of the person.

Accidental surgeries yes - orthopedic surgeries no
A total rupture of the Achilles tendon or the cruciate ligament or a dislocated bone fracture – Here, too, there are sometimes therapists who advise against surgery.

In the case of more severe, accident-related injuries to the musculoskeletal system, the surgical course is, in my experience, usually much better.

In the case of signs of wear and tear that have come on gradually or are always presented as “age-related”, one is usually better off with the conservative course. On the one hand, it requires a good physiotherapist who corrects malpositions with manual therapy and muscular imbalances with the right strengthening exercises. On the other hand, other disease states and environmental influences, e.g. hormone deficiency, hyperacidity, poisoning states, lack of sleep, electrosmog and many more. the reason for orthopedic problems and must therefore inevitably be treated as well.

Get the patient on board
If one wants to sell expensive therapies to the patient or make him dependent on the industry, the best strategy is to keep the patient deliberately ignorant and to explain everything unnecessarily complicated or mainly in Latin.

In alternative self-treatment, everything is explained as simply as possible. Latain is therefore largely dispensed with. Even less medically educated people should have the opportunity to understand it. Doesn’t it give the patient a much better feeling if he is taught what exactly is the cause of his illness and how he himself can cooperate in his healing, instead of the therapist/doctor only focusing on his authority?

Personal responsibility, instead of miracle pills.
The desire, especially of many wealthy people, is to buy healing. However, this is only possible to a limited extent, because medicine works according to other principles.

I myself once developed the principle: “Healing is the reversal of the factors that led to a disease. Therefore, there are no healers, but only helpers who can have a temporary regulating effect on the systems of the human body and show the patient the individual disease factors. In the end, only the patient can become his or her own healer.”

In alternative self-treatment, the focus is on root cause research, analysis of the patient’s disease factors and reversal of these disease factors. “Temporary regulating” is occasionally done with physiotherapy and vital substance preparations. Furthermore, health products are sometimes recommended for health optimization and usually for the reduction of environmental factors.

We refrain from unnecessary long-term therapies and make this type of medicine as cost-effective as possible.

Enlightenment, instead of manipulation
More and more people are realizing that something is wrong with our world and that they are being lied to more and more frequently by the system media, but occasionally also by alternative media. Mostly there are financial interests behind it or to use people consciously and to bring them in a certain direction.

Admittedly, once you reach a certain age, you give up “trying to save the world.” With the contributions “The power of manipulation” and “The power of enlightenment”, however, I have at least explained these two psychological phenomena, in their basic principles, in detail. It is absolutely desirable to compare these with current world events and possibly recognize parallels.

Alternatively self-treat stands for enlightenment, but also for tolerance and in the end leaves it up to everyone to decide when they want to free themselves from manipulation.

The company is not listed on the stock exchange and is also not financed by third parties. With alternatively self treat no false information in the sense of third or to otherwise, own, financial advantages are spread.