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Allergies causes and therapy

Cure allergies

Topic overview

  1. Allergies – development and explanation
  2. Curing allergies – The real cause
  3. Allergies – Triggers
  4. Curing allergies – the right therapy
  5. Allergies – Conclusion

1. allergies – development and explanation

There are trillions of healthy bacteria in the human body. They line our intestines and are known as intestinal flora, but are also found on our skin, for example. There they form the so-called acid mantle.

They also line the entire respiratory tract and are responsible for cleaning the lungs.

In the upper part of the airways, this initially works very roughly mechanically through the nasal hairs. This means that large dirt particles are already trapped there and can be easily removed by blowing your nose.

When it comes to the lower respiratory tract, these processes become increasingly precision-engineered.

Here it is epithelial tissue consisting of small cilia and goblet cells.

The cilia are basically comparable to the hairs in the nose. However, they are much, much finer and are present in a completely different order of magnitude in terms of quantity.

The goblet cells are glands that ensure an adequate supply of moisture and a sufficient supply of healthy bacteria in the lungs.

For a healthy person, it makes no difference whether an animal hair or a pollen flies in. If the mucous membranes are intact, foreign bodies are caught very high up in the respiratory tract and any components that do reach the lower respiratory tract are transported out again by the mucous cilia.

If the mucous membranes are damaged, our second line of defense comes into play. The histamine. Histamine is a tissue hormone. It is a protective mechanism of the human body that has a constricting effect. This is intended to prevent dirt particles from entering the human body and especially the bloodstream.

If you now regularly come into contact with one and the same allergen in large quantities, for example because you have poplars on your property, then another component of the immune system comes into play. I call it the memory cells.

Our immune system remembers which pathogens or allergens it has already come into contact with.

If you come into contact with an allergen again at some point, which you have already encountered in higher quantities with damaged lung mucous membranes, there is an immune response from the immune system in the form of an increased release of histamine.

2. the true cause of allergies

This is caused by damaged nasal and pulmonary mucous membranes, as a result of which allergens cannot be completely out be completely removed to the outside.

3. allergies – triggers

1. Antibiotics

Antibiotics destroy the health-promoting bacteria.

They are unnecessarily used far too often in humans and in factory farming they are part of the daily diet.

A lack of healthy bacteria can be the cause of illnesses in a wide range of medical specialties.

2. Unhealthy diet

A healthy, balanced diet is the absolute basis for general performance, happiness and health.

Errors in the diet lead to an environment in the body in which health-promoting bacteria do not feel at home, resulting in a deficiency in the mucous membranes of the lungs.

3. Smoking

Smoking can significantly promote allergies. It contaminates the lungs and counteracts the cleansing processes mentioned at the beginning.

4. Chemical detergents and fabric softeners

Health-promoting bacteria hate fabric softeners and chemical detergents. Nevertheless, most people are exposed to these stresses on a daily basis.

Through targeted marketing, we have become very fixated on chemical detergents and fabric softeners. However, it burdens the environment, your wallet and also harms our health-promoting bacteria. But there are plenty of alternatives.

It is recommended, for example, to use a so-called washing ball and with organic stain remover for particularly stubborn stains. The laundry becomes clean and odorless.

There are certainly also many inferior imitations from China. However, very good washing results are achieved with the original.

I also rely on purely natural substances for care products. I prefer to use care products from Channoine
from which I also use the vital substances.

The fact that these are concentrates, of which you only need very little, means that the price is also acceptable compared to chemical shower baths and care products.

There are even purely ecological alternatives for dishwashing detergents.

If you do enough research and search the Internet, you will always find sufficient alternatives to chemical detergents, chemical care products, fabric softeners and conventional dishwashing detergents.

5. Heavy metals and poisoning

Heavy metals have an extremely negative effect on health-promoting bacteria. Other chemical substances can also cause enormous damage to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

If foreign bodies get into our lungs, they cannot be transported out again.

Heavy metals can enter the body via tattoos, cigarettes, second-generation vaccinations or, for example, by burning old varnished furniture and wooden floorboards.

6. Disinfectant

Disinfectants destroy the skin’s protective acid mantle. With regular use, this leads to a quantitative reduction in health-promoting bacteria throughout the body.

Furthermore, disinfectants can also be quickly absorbed via the respiratory tract and cause enormous damage there. Disinfectants belong in hospitals and in the hands of healthcare professionals. In private use, however, caution is advised, especially when dealing with very young children.

7. Mechanical influences

This point is deliberately kept very general.

This includes, among other things, psychologically induced picking of the nose, frequent rubbing of the eyes, incorrectly treated wounds or frequent swabs, especially if these are not carried out by medical professionals.

For example, the so-called olfactory epithelium can be destroyed very quickly, which represents an important protective barrier for the penetration of pathogens into the brain. It is also the basis for the sense of smell.

8. Massive lack of exercise

From a purely health point of view, you should exercise a lot in the low heart rate range and only a little in the high heart rate range.

However, some people have not had any stress in the high heart rate range for years.

The lungs and heart can literally atrophy if they are never exercised. This favors heart attacks and the development of allergies.

4. allergies – correct therapy

4.1. Reconstruction of the nasal and pulmonary mucous membranes

High doses of digestive enzymes and health-promoting bacteria are needed to rebuild the lungs.

I recommend the product Dioluxsan Duo from Channoine for this purpose. The high-dose digestive enzymes in the liquid preparation eliminate deposits in the intestines and impurities in the lungs. This creates a more positive environment for the growth of healthy bacteria from the ground up.

Particularly in smokers, the body secretes abnormally viscous, sometimes yellowish mucus during the 30-day cure and the cleansing process can also be seen in bowel movements.The capsule preparation supplies 9 billion microorganisms of different bacterial strains every day. These are automatically transported by the body to where the greatest damage currently exists.

As a rule, the cure should be carried out for one month. Severe allergy sufferers and asthmatics may need to take the cure for 2-3 months.

4.2 Healthy nutrition

Be sure to take a look at the nutritional rules in the article Healthy nutrition.

A healthy, balanced diet can create an environment in the body in which healthy bacteria can multiply more quickly.

Therapizing allergies through a healthy diet alone requires a lot of discipline and can be a process that takes 1-2 years.

All dietary rules should also be followed 80-90% of the time during the cure.

4.3. Avoid disinfectants and antibiotics

The fact that it is neither sensible nor safe to use disinfectants and antibiotics is explained in detail in the articles “The 6 pillars of the immune system” is explained in detail.

Allergy sufferers in particular should avoid disinfectants and antibiotics at all costs.

4.4. Reduce smoking

Smoking causes the mucous membranes in the lungs to be repeatedly damaged. After six months, it may be necessary to rebuild the mucous membranes of the lungs. At these intervals, smokers should continue the cure with the product Dioluxsan Duo at these intervals.

In the best case, of course, you should stop smoking altogether. However, for many smokers, avoiding smoking indoors (passive smoking) or switching from industrial to natural tobacco can already mean progress.

4.5. Avoid tattoos

You can find more detailed information on this in the article “Tattoos dangerous?”. Large, colorful tattoos in particular introduce huge amounts of heavy metals and color particles into the body. Tattoos are generally contraindicated for allergy sufferers.

4.6. Take occupational safety measures

Allergies are also frequently triggered by improper handling of chemicals, stains, paints and solvents. Appropriate respiratory masks should be worn during such work and windows should always be open.

4.7. Removal of heavy metals

Smokers, people with tattoos, after third-generation vaccinations or even after improper handling of chemicals should inevitably also undergo a heavy metal elimination with zeolite and bentonite should be carried out.

4.8. Healthy exercise

No sporting activity in the maximum heart rate range should be carried out if you have an acute allergy. Sports activities in the basic endurance range are however appropriate.

During the asymptomatic period or if the other therapeutic measures are already proving successful, at least 15 minutes of exercise in the maximum heart rate range should also be done every week.

4.9. Avoid allergens

In the initial phase, the triggering allergens should be avoided as much as possible. A few weeks after starting therapy, you can slowly expose yourself to the allergens or even consciously test the extent to which your body can already handle them in small quantities.

5. conclusion

Curing allergies is possible. The main focus should always be on repairing damaged nasal and lung mucous membranes. Furthermore, all other factors that could repeatedly damage our airways should not be ignored.

If allergens are transported out of the body quickly enough by a functioning cleansing mechanism in the airways, histamine will no longer be released after some time.

The allergen memory of our immune system is lost. It no longer classifies the allergen as dangerous, which means that the symptoms subside completely.