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What is “alternatively

treat yourself”?

“Alternatively treat yourself” is a health platform founded in 2016 with the patient’s health in mind.

Instead of redistributing other content a hundred times over, new ways of treating diseases and promoting health are shown here.

Alternative self-treatment is not funded by industry stakeholders.

Holistic therapy, instead of medication & surgery

Drugs and surgery are often offered to the patient, in the interests of the industry, as the only option. The focus in the treatment is usually only on a very small part of the body. Interrelationships in the entire organism and environmental influences from outside, are intentionally or at least grossly negligently not taken into account.

Philosophy of “alternatively treat yourself” is to see the body as a whole. It takes into account all the systems of the organism and the personal happiness.

Accidental surgeries yes - orthopedic surgeries no

A total rupture of the Achilles tendon or the cruciate ligament or a dislocated bone fracture – Here, too, there are sometimes therapists who advise against surgery.

In the case of more severe, accident-related injuries to the musculoskeletal system, the surgical course is, in my experience, usually much better.

In the case of signs of wear and tear that have come on gradually or are always presented as “age-related”, one is usually better off with the conservative course. On the one hand, it requires a good physiotherapist who corrects malpositions with manual therapy and muscular imbalances with the right strengthening exercises. On the other hand, other diseases and environmental influences, e.g. hormone deficiency, hyperacidity, poisoning, lack of sleep, electrosmog and much more are also the cause of orthopaedic problems and must therefore inevitably also be treated.

Get the patient on board

If one wants to sell expensive therapies to the patient or make him dependent on the industry, the best strategy is to keep the patient deliberately ignorant and to explain everything unnecessarily complicated or mainly in Latin.

In alternative self-treatment, everything is explained as simply as possible. Latin is therefore largely dispensed with. Even less medically educated people should have the opportunity to understand it. Doesn’t it give the patient a much better feeling if he is taught what exactly is the cause of his illness and how he himself can cooperate in his healing, instead of the therapist/doctor only focusing on his authority?

Personal responsibility, instead of miracle pills.

The desire, especially of many wealthy people, is to buy healing. However, this is only possible to a limited extent, because medicine works according to other principles.

I myself once developed the principle: “Healing is the reversal of the factors that led to a disease. Therefore, there are no healers, but only helpers who can have a temporary regulating effect on the systems of the human body and show the patient the individual disease factors. In the end, only the patient can become his or her own healer.”

In alternative self-treatment, the focus is on root cause research, analysis of the patient’s disease factors and reversal of these disease factors. “Temporary regulating” is occasionally done with physiotherapy and vital substance preparations. Furthermore, health products are sometimes recommended for health optimization and usually for the reduction of environmental factors.

We refrain from unnecessary long-term therapies and make this type of medicine as cost-effective as possible.

Enlightenment, instead of manipulation

More and more people are realizing that something is wrong with our world and that they are being lied to more and more frequently by the system media, but occasionally also by alternative media. Mostly there are financial interests behind it or specific aim to send people in a certain direction.

Admittedly, once you reach a certain age, you give up “trying to save the world.” With the contributions “The power of manipulation” and “The Power of Enlightenment”, I have at least explained the basic principles of these two psychological phenomena in detail. It is absolutely desirable to compare these with current world events and possibly recognize parallels.

Alternatively self-treat stands for enlightenment, but also for tolerance and in the end leaves it up to everyone to decide when they want to free themselves from manipulation.

Founder and solely responsible for this site

Ronny Schmidt

  • Masseur – Medical bath attendant
  • Sports physiotherapist
  • Lymphatic therapist
  • Manual therapist
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Functional training
  • PowerPoint Therapy
  • B license coach soccer
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Nutrition and vital substances consultant
  • Health & Life Happiness Coach
  • No medical studies
Founders treat themselves as an alternative
More health and performance improvement with personal coaching

Alternatively treat yourself online coaching

More and more people are realizing that the standard health insurance services increasingly serve the purse of the industry and less and less a quick recovery of the patient.

Alternatively self treat is a non-profit company with no employees and that’s how it should stay. Partial compensation for expenses has so far only been achieved through commissions from product recommendations.

Basically, every patient and every athlete is advised to look at as many free articles as possible on “alternatively treat yourself”.

Personal coaching is primarily only intended for patients with serious and complicated illnesses who cannot achieve their goals with self-treatment programs alone. Online coaching is also aimed at performance-oriented athletes who want to get even more out of their body, while remaining fully healthy, of course.

Since only 10% of the alternative treatment itself has been completed and endless working hours are still required for further development, only 10 hours a week are currently planned for online coaching. The price is therefore 200 Georgian Lari, approx. 70 €. All income is reinvested 100% in alternative self-treatment.

Advantages at a glance

Self-help for healing instead of permanent treatment

Cause and disease factor analysis from birth to today, instead of permanent patient of pharmaceutical and clinical industry.

Time for the patient, instead of assembly line work

Up to one hour of coaching. There are no “annoying questions.” There are only open questions, to which the patient usually gets the right answers.

100% of income from online coaching is reinvested

With alternative self-treatment, donations and third-party investors are completely dispensed with. The development was financed entirely from private assets. Income from online coaching and product recommendations in the alternativ selbst behandeln store is 100% reinvested.

Coaching is only for sick people, right? Wrong!

Two principles of alternative self-treatment are: “Prevention is the best medicine” and “Natural performance enhancement, instead of doping”. The alternative self-treat online coaching is therefore also aimed in particular at performance-oriented athletes who want to get even more out of their body through health optimization.

Would you like online coaching?

You are able to inform me about your medical conditions, used medications and previous surgeries in your very first message! I would be open to hear your expectations as well, from the online coaching. What time slots are available in the next 10 days? Appointment proposals from my side will be offered as soon as possible.

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